Lee Moody, Web Developer


Curriculum Vitae

As a developer with a passion for the web I strive to build robust, accessible online experiences. Working closely with UX, data, and product teams to build proven customer experiences has been among my most rewarding work.


Working closely with data analysts, UX designers, and various non-tech teams across the business I helped drive exciting commercial projects in the personalised, healthy snacking industry.

Panda Math

This research project involved the development of a multi-variant application to explore the use of games in e-learning. The task required knowledge of many areas: Research methodology, path finding, illustration, oh-my.


A responsive website backed up by a totally custom LAMP based CMS. Pleasant and functional client facing considerations include immediate error handling and a touch enabled JavaScript gallery.

Zach Sheppard

Zach is a friend, former house-mate, and talented graphic designer. Based on his design I built and set-up a portfolio to present his work. The site was originally WordPress based but now sits atop Perch.